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About the BDA CPD Hub

You can use this site to gain CPD and manage your professional development wherever and however you learn.

Earn CPD - You can earn over 60hrs of verifiable CPD from the BDJ Portfolio of journals and our short courses in Oral Cancer Recognition and Child Protection.

Record and manage your CPD - Our service gives you an easy and convenient way to manage and store your CPD records. Upload certificates, and track your CPD records with our user-friendly website.


1. Can I store all my CPD activity here?
Yes. You can add any CPD activity, verifiable or general, to the CPD Hub. It's very easy to add the details and assign the CPD hours to a category e.g. medical emergencies. You can also upload your CPD certificates for safekeeping and/or backup. Record Your CPD.

2. What about the CPD I've already gained from the BDJ and BDA News?
If you've gained CPD from our publications before 1st June 2013, you must visit the following sites to retrieve your certificates:

British Dental Journal CPD - old site

BDA News CPD - old site

NB: these external sites will be available for a limited time. Please ensure you retrieve your certificates as soon as possible. Once you have your certificates, feel free to add them to your CPD Record.

3. How do I print or download my CPD Record?
You can print all the CPD recorded in the Hub by using the Print Current Page button in the CPD Record section. You can also select a single year's CPD to view or print.

4. How do I view the CPD I've gained from the BDA only?
Use the Advanced Filter button to see CPD from the BDA only.

5. Can I download a CPD certificate?
Yes, use the Advanced Filter button to select a single course (e.g. BDA CPD 2014) then use the Create PDF Certificate button.

6. Can I access the CPD Record or request CPD certificates after my membership lapses?

No. The CPD Hub is a service for BDA members only (see Termination of Membership in our Terms and Conditions). We strongly recommend you download any CPD Records or Certificates you wish to keep before you cancel your membership. We cannot provide CPD certificates to non-members.

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Last modified: Thursday, 9 June 2016, 11:56 AM