February 2022 course

Exam date: 17 September 2022

Inspire your patients! Are you a dental nurse, love your job but want to do more?

Achieving the BDA Education Certificate in Oral Health Education will qualify you to work as an Oral Health Educator within your practice.

Course summary

The BDA online course in OHE teaches all the theory needed to pass the BDA certificate in Oral Health Education, including how to plan and carry out oral health sessions. As part of the course students will need to complete a practical portfolio and an online exam.

The course and exam are conducted completely online so there is no need to attend a training venue at any point. Viewing the course modules is entirely flexible giving students 24 hour access for study; we recommend at least 4 hours a week.

The theory is taught through 27 online modules in the first 8 weeks of the course, at the end of which students will be ready to begin their practical work.