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Earn up to 40 hours of verifiable CPD with the BDA's collection of eBooks

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eBook titles:

An introduction to orthodontics (5th ed)

Cawson's Essentials of oral pathology and oral medicine (9th ed)

Conscious sedation for dentistry (2nd ed)

Dental Fear and Anxiety in Paediatric Patients: Practical Strategies to Help Children Cope

Essentials of human disease in dentistry (2nd ed)

Essentials of dental photography

Evidence-based caries prevention

Infection Control in Primary Dental Care

Extra-coronal restorations - concepts and clinical application (2nd ed)

Management of Dental Emergencies in Children and Adolescents

Manual of minor oral surgery for the general dentist (2nd ed)

Oral Medicine in Primary Dental Care (4th ed)

Orofacial Pain - Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management (6th ed)

Paediatric dentistry (5th ed)

Pickard's Guide to minimally invasive operative dentistry (10th ed)

Practical Periodontics

Principles of Endodontics

Scientific basis of oral health education

Textbook of geriatric dentistry (3rd ed)

Treating the complete denture patient

Tackling Stress

This course will help you identify the triggers of work-related stress, how it can manifest physically and psychologically, and effective ways you can overcome it.

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About the course

This course covers two key topics:

1. Stress Awareness is designed to give you an overview of stress awareness at work. We'll explain why stress occurs and how it can manifest itself physically and psychologically, and offer practical hints and tips on how to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the modern workplace.

2. Managing Stress and Conflict looks in detail at how these two subjects are interlinked. We'll explore the obligations of the organisation in minimising stress levels and, most importantly, examine the role that managers have in controlling stress and conflict within their teams.

Self enrolment

Situational Judgement Tests

Designed to help final year undergraduates prepare for the Situational Judgment Test.

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Case Mix

This interactive module complements Case Mix, a tool developed by the BDA to help dentists gauge the complexity of vulnerable children and adults according to six criteria.

  • Availability: BDA members only. (Primarily aimed at salaried dentists, but may also be useful for those in general practice.)
  • 3 hours verifiable CPD.

Enhanced CPD

This course will help you navigate the GDC’s CPD regulations and what you need to do to meet your CPD requirements. Includes a module on personal development planning.

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Safeguarding the personal data of individuals.

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Course Summary

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an updated piece of legislation that sets new standards for the processing, handling and protecting of personal data. It took effect in the UK from 25 May 2018.

This course comprises of 5 short modules explaining what GDPR is, the implications it has on organisations, and how they can ensure they are compliant.


1. What is GDPR? outlines what GDPR is and why we need it
2. Data Handling Rules explains how the data handling regulations apply to your organisation
3. Organisational Responsibilities outlines how the new regulation applies to business
4. Data Breaches establishes what a data breach is, what to do if a data breach occurs at your organisation and how to prevent it happening again
5. GDPR and dentistry allows you to apply your new found knowledge by working through some different situations.

Principles of Risk Assessment

Knowing what to do for the best when faced with so much guidance is causing a great deal of stress and anxiety. 

This short course aims to give you the confidence, and the tools,  to make decisions on appropriate safety measures for your practice.

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  • 1 hour verifiable CPD.