Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health problems among staff are common. Yet the stigma attached to mental health still persists in many of today’s workplaces, and many employers are unaware of the extent of the problem and how to tackle it.

This course sets out practical ways to support people with mental health issues, creating a supportive and compassionate environment that benefits the entire dental team.

  • Availability: BDA members only
  • Content: Interactive e-learning , quiz and downloadable resources
  • 3hrs verifiable CPD

Tackling Stress

Dental professionals are more likely than the general population to exhibit harmful symptoms of stress.

This course will help you identify the triggers of work-related stress, how it can manifest physically and psychologically, and effective ways you can overcome it.

  • Availability: all users
  • Content: modules and assessments
  • 3hrs verifiable CPD
Self enrolment

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion is fundamentally about making sure that everyone has the same opportunities to achieve in life. It means no one is negatively affected by uncontrollable factors such as ethnicity, age or gender, sexual orientation, class or whether they have a disability.

The perspectives and insight provided by this course may support you and your practice to be more consciously inclusive, considerate and respectful of diversity.

  • Availability: BDA members only
  • Content: modules, quizzes and short videos
  • 5hrs verifiable CPD available

eBooks CPD

The BDA's collection of eBooks cover a broad range of dental subjects, encouraging wider thinking and keeping knowledge current.

Each title is provided with 20 multiple choice questions worth 2 hours CPD, allowing BDA members to earn up to 50 hours CPD.

  • Availability: BDA members only
  • Content: quizzes
  • 50hrs verifiable CPD available

Situational Judgement Tests

This course is designed to help final year undergraduates across the UK who are looking to apply to National Recruitment Dental Foundation Training.

It will help you practice different scenarios and build confidence in answering SJTs.

  • Availability: final year student members only
  • Content: short video, mock exam and resources

Case Mix

This interactive module complements Case Mix, a tool developed by the BDA to help dentists gauge the complexity of vulnerable children and adults according to six criteria.

Upon completion you will be able to identify issues relating to impairment and disability and ensure the adequate provision of services to vulnerable patients.

  • Availability: BDA members only (primarily aimed at salaried dentists, but may also be useful for those in general practice)
  • Content: module, scenarios and resources
  • 3hrs verifiable CPD

Enhanced CPD

This course will help you navigate the GDC’s CPD regulations and what you need to do to meet your CPD requirements.

It also includes a module on personal development planning.

  • Availability: BDA members only
  • Content: module and resources
  • 1hr verifiable CPD


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets new standards for the processing, handling and protecting of personal data.

This course explains what GDPR is, the implications it has on organisations and how you can ensure that you are compliant.

  • Availability: BDA members only
  • Content: modules
  • 3hrs verifiable CPD

Financial Reporting for Local Group Treasurers

This short course explains the rules on financial management and reporting that we must follow across the entire BDA, helping you understand your duties as a BDA Treasurer and how to produce a set of year-end accounts.

An enrolment key is required to access this course.

  • Availability: BDA members only
  • Content: modules, exercises and resources
  • 2hrs verifiable CPD
Self enrolment

Principles of Risk Assessment

Knowing what to do for the best when faced with so much guidance is causing a great deal of stress and anxiety.

This short course aims to give you the confidence, and the tools, to make decisions on appropriate safety measures for your practice.

  • Availability: BDA members only
  • Content: modules and resources
  • 1hr verifiable CPD

Using PPE safely

Dental practices already work to high infection control standards, but to minimise risk of transmission of Sars-Cov-2, enhanced PPE will be needed for some dental procedures.

This short course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to use PPE correctly for these procedures.

  • Availability: all users
  • Content: module, short videos and resources
  • 1hr verifiable CPD
Self enrolment