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Course summary
  • Availability: 6 courses per year
  • Course type: Online
  • Suitable for: GDC-registered Dental Care Professionals
  • CPD: 40 hours verifiable
  • Cost: £595 (+ £124 to be paid prior to the final exam)
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24 Jan
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Oral Health Education for dental care professionals


Developed in partnership with OHE Southwest, this flexible, online course will help you learn the communication skills needed to educate your patients about their oral health. The course leads to the nationally-recognised BDA Education Certificate in Oral Health Education, which qualifies you to work as an Oral Health Educator within your practice.

You may wish to read about a dental nurse who successfully completed our qualification. You can read her story here. Hopefully her success will inspire you to study with us.


Course eligibility

To be eligible for the course you must:

  • Be GDC-registered
  • Have the support of a GDC-registered dentist
  • Have regular internet access and a computer with sound.


Course aims and objectives

The course covers the following topic areas:

  • Diseases and conditions of the oral cavity
  • Oral health target groups
  • Delivering oral health messages
  • Oral disease prevention
  • Oral health and society.


You will be required to complete 27 modules, 7 quizzes and a practise test over a period of 8 weeks. Students will then be expected to complete a Practical Portfolio consisting of 3 parts:

  • Produce 2 detailed lesson plans for oral health sessions based on hypothetical patients
  • Plan and deliver 6 oral health sessions to patients referred to you by your supervising dentist
  • Plan, produce and evaluate a display for your workplace or other public place, such as a school, nursery or nursing home.

Students are normally given approximately 4 months to complete the practical work, in the light of Covid-19 this will be reviewed regularly to enable students to complete the portfolio.

Students will need to sit an online examination. You will be awarded the BDA Education Certificate in Oral Health Education upon passing the final examination and passing the portfolio. Exams are held in March, September and November of each year.

The final exam must be taken on a PC or laptop with broadband internet connection. The computer can be a Windows machine or a Mac. The exam cannot be taken on a smartphone or tablet as they are not compatible with the exam software.

Learning materials and support

We will provide you with everything that you need, namely:

  • The textbook: ‘Basic Guide to Oral Health Education’ by Ann Felton and Alison Chapman
  • Revision notes, quizzes and mock examinations
  • Links to resources to support your oral health education sessions
  • A 7 week revision course to help you prepare for the final exam

Additionally, our dedicated teaching staff will email you every week with advice, and are available to answer your questions from the day you enrol until the day of your exam.

Course dates 2021

24 Jan 21 Feb 4 April 2 May 15 August 12 September

Oral Health Education for DCPs - January 2022

January 2022 course

Exam date: 17 September 2022

Inspire your patients! Are you a dental nurse, love your job but want to do more?

Achieving the BDA Education Certificate in Oral Health Education will qualify you to work as an Oral Health Educator within your practice.

Course summary

The BDA online course in OHE teaches all the theory needed to pass the BDA certificate in Oral Health Education, including how to plan and carry out oral health sessions. As part of the course students will need to complete a practical portfolio and an online exam.

The course and exam are conducted completely online so there is no need to attend a training venue at any point. Viewing the course modules is entirely flexible giving students 24 hour access for study; we recommend at least 4 hours a week.

The theory is taught through 27 online modules in the first 8 weeks of the course, at the end of which students will be ready to begin their practical work.

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